Privacy Policy

Protecting your personal data is a priority. Anytime, any day.

Privacy Policy

For ComputingPro Ltd., protecting your personal data is a priority. We comply with all relevant data protection legislation and the following privacy notice is intended to provide transparency about how we handle your personal data.

Personal data and the provision of services

When you sign up to one of our services or solutions, we only ask for information that is essential to deliver our services and solutions to you or for invoicing reasons. In most cases this is limited to name, address, contact data. We do not ask for bank details.

Usage data

We aim to provide quality and reliability but on occasion, issues may arise. In order to react quickly, it may be necessary to temporarily record usage and traffic data to provide to our Support staff. We do this to ensure we fulfil our obligations to you and to design products and services aligned to your needs

Content data

We offer certain products, for example, online storage or email accounts, where personal files may be stored. These files are automatically encrypted and may only be viewed by individuals with access rights. In order to protect your data and for maintenance purposes, we create and file encrypted backups. The file contents of these backups cannot be decrypted or viewed by us.


There are no cookies on the ComputignPro's website. Where develop a website or an online application for our clients, if cookies are used, it will be specified on their website.


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