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When it comes to website design, there are no typical websites. Each website should aim to achieve something unique for your business and so a definitive price cannot be given. However, as a guide, a basic 5 page website will cost £600. Any additional pages will be priced individually.

Yes, we can. We will work with you and your current website company to ensure a smooth transition from their servers to ours. Our experienced developers will do their utmost to avoid very little or no downtime during this process.

Yes, we can. We understand that you probably are happy with your current provider, so we will only carry out updates as per your instructions. We do ask that your updates are emailed to us 48 - 72 hours before the changes are due to appear on your website.

Provided we have all the necessary information we require, we will let you know how long it will take and if there any delays or challenges while developing your website, we will also notify you.

Yes, all our website are designed to encourage SEO. However, for additional SEO capabilities, we can discuss various options available to you.

We always recommend that you secure your website with SSL certificates. For £50 a year, we are able to do this for you.

Yes, we can register a domain name for you and help you to secure a name that reflects your organisation and is SEO friendly. This service is FREE, all you need to do is pay for te domain name.

If your domain name expires, we will do all we can to help you re-register it. All our domains are renewed automatically unless you tell us otherwise, so you can be sure that your website will never go offline due to domain expiration.

In order for your website to be visible by everyone on the internet, it as to be on a public computer which is also know as a server. Hosting is the ability to keep your website on the internet for all to be able to see it.

Yes, you can. as part of your hosting with us, we will give you 5 email address for FREE on your domain name i.e. info@yourdomainname.com. All emails come with 2GB mailbox and can be forwarded to any designated email address.

Yes, we can. There are currently 2 options you can choose from:
1. 10GB for £5 per month
2. 50GB for £10 per month

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